Fine art photography, Urban Decay, Paris prints and travel photographs and nature photos

I am pleased to welcome you in my shop filled with fine art photography and historical photo processes from the 19th century. like to tell you little story how my dream came true.

It all started at the age of 6 years. For my birthday my parents bought me my first camera. The brand, an Agfa. Never could they have imagined that this present would influence the rest of my life..Still, 40 years later.

Inspired by my grandfather, who was an amateur photographer in the early 1930, I started to make photographs. Within two years I got my first darkroom. Developing black and white films and printing, proud as I was, my first images on photographic paper..I want to become a professional photographer!!!

At the age of 18 I was finally what is called a professional photographer. My first photo published at the front page of a newspaper. I worked for magazines and newspapers.

Until 2006. I started as an artist working with historical photographic processes. Teaching at art academies and became an expert for museums and collectors.

But never I was cured with the virus taking modern photographs. And that is what you find in my shop. From Paris photographs, photo's from abandoned places, travel and nature photography. You will find it here.

I use the highest quality paper and pigment inks from ensure the long life endurance of my fine art photographs. Canson Baryta photographic paper looks like they came straight away out of the darkroom. Take a look at my shop video.

I hope you will enjoy the things I saw and captured with my camera!!

Greetings Marinus

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